Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Is Speech Recognition Software Endangering Transcription Jobs?

Should you be concerned that speech recognition is endangering transcription jobs?

There is a lot of talk and concerns about medical transcription jobs and how speech recognition software and overseas outsourcing of transcription work may be taking away transcription jobs.

Here's what the US Department of Labor states on their web site:

"Contracting out transcription work overseas and advancements in speech recognition technology are not expected to significantly reduce the need for well-trained medical transcriptionists. Outsourcing transcription work abroad—to countries such as India, Pakistan, Philippines, Barbados, and Canada—has grown more popular as transmitting confidential health information over the Internet has become more secure; however, the demand for overseas transcription services is expected only to supplement the demand for well-trained domestic medical transcriptionists. In addition, reports transcribed by overseas medical transcription services usually require editing for accuracy by domestic medical transcriptionists before they meet U.S. quality standards.

Speech recognition technology allows physicians and other health professionals to dictate medical reports to a computer, which immediately creates an electronic document. In spite of the advances in this technology, the software has been slow to grasp and analyze the human voice, the English language, and the medical vernacular with all its diversity. As a result, there will continue to be a need for skilled medical transcriptionists to identify and appropriately edit the inevitable errors created by speech recognition systems and to create a final document."

I totally agree with the above statements. Speech recognition software will create additional jobs. Because the software does not transcribe accurately and transcription work that is outsources to foreign countries is not accurate either, you already start seeing more job posting for transcription editors to edit the work of transcriptionists. Many people report enjoying transcription editing work.

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