Monday, July 17, 2017

Free Practice Transcription Audio Files

Free Practice Transcription Audio Files

Many new transcriptionists are looking for free audio files to practice transcribing. Here is a site where you can find free practice transcription files you can use to practice transcribing.

It’s important for inexperienced transcriptionists to practice transcription and build up transcription speed. One of the easiest ways to do so is by using practice tapes. While using those transcription practice tapes, you will also become familiar with using transcription playback software and using a transcription foot pedal for hands-free typing and extra efficiency.

The site below provides sample audio files you can use with the popular free Express Scribe transcription playback software. In addition to the audio files, NCH has included transcribed PDFs to check your finished transcription against.

These practice transcription files will be helpful for transcriptionists learning medical, legal or general transcription, or for those practicing controlling audio playback with a foot pedal control. Simply download the files for playback on Express Scribe.

The sample audio files are for legal and medical transcription files but you can use them just as well for general transcription. Just don’t worry about the legal and medical terms.

You can find the free practice transcription files and the free Express Scribe transcription software at

You can find practice files for general and business transcription at

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