Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Purpose of Transcribing Seminars, Teleseminars and Webinars

Why have your teleseminars, webinars or seminars transcribed?

Why have your teleseminar or webinar transcribed? Well, you can do a number of things with a transcript.

You can easily use portions of the transcript for a free report you may want to give away to potential clients. Or you may want to turn the transcript into an e-book to sell. This could pay for the cost of the transcription services possibly in a single sale of the e-book, depending on the price of the e-book and the length of the teleseminar.

Another reason to get your event transcribed is to possibly use portions on your website, which would allow the search engines to grab up any keywords in the text that they wouldn't find in the audio. This will only help you in getting your website ranked higher for your specific keywords.

Something else to keep in mind is that many people would much rather read a transcript than listen to an audio clip on your website. It is time consuming to sit in front of your computer while listening to a 30 to 60 minute audio, when you could curl up on your couch with a copy of a transcript of the same thing and read it at your leisure. I know I have bypassed listening to an audio just because I wouldn't have time to finish listening to it. If they had offered me a written copy of the material I could have read it in chunks as I had the time.

Also remember, some people are just not audio learners and do much better if they are able to read it themselves and digest the information at their own pace. It's always best to offer both the option of an audio clip and a transcript, if at all possible.

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