Thursday, July 13, 2017

Verbatim Transcription – Semi-Verbatim Transcription and Edited Transcription

Types of transcription
Transcription can be verbatim transcription, semi-verbatim transcription or edited transcription.

Verbatim Transcription

What is verbatim transcription? The word “Verbatim” comes from the Latin verbum and means “in the same words.” Verbatim transcription means transcribing exactly what is said without correcting grammar, punctuation, or content.

Verbatim transcription transcribes every word. It transcribes false starts to sentences, stutters and redundant words like “uh,” “you know.”
If you’re outsourcing transcription work, it’s important that you understand what verbatim transcription means. If you don’t want the transcriptionist to put every recorded ‘uh,’ ‘ah,’ ‘oh’ and ‘um’ in a transcript, you should consider semi-verbatim transcription.

Verbatim transcription takes longer to transcribe because there are more characters to type. Most transcription clients don’t want verbatim transcription because it’s more difficult to transcribe and more difficult to read. But there are situations where a verbatim transcript is required - often for legal reasons.

Semi-Verbatim Transcription

Semi-verbatim transcription transcribes phrasing and sentence structure exactly but it cleans up stutters and false starts, making the transcript easier to read. This is the most popular kind of transcription.

Edited Transcription

People do not speak in grammatically-correct sentences. Edited transcription captures the flavor of what’s said, while producing a document that is publication-ready.

Edited transcripts are popular with authors because an they allow the author to cut and paste quotes in their book or article.


While semi-verbatim transcription lets the transcriptionist correct punctuation, misspellings and dictation errors at their discretion, verbatim transcription requires transcriptionists to transcribe exactly as dictated. How a transcriptionist will transcribe an audio usually depends on the client’s preferences. If a client doesn’t want his words changed, the transcriptionist needs to transcribe word-for-word.

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