Monday, July 17, 2017

General Transcriptionist 45 Words per Minute

Can you get general transcription work if you're typing 45 word per minute?

To be a successful general transcriptionist, both typing speed and accuracy are essential.

Most general transcription jobs are paid by audio minute. Increasing your typing speed can dramatically increase your transcription income. The faster you type, the more transcripts you can produce and the more work you do, the more money you will make.

A typing speed of 40 wpm is usually acceptable for new general transcriptionists, and 55 wpm is considered a good typing speed for general transcription work.

While some transcription companies require a minimum typing speed of 40 wpm, others want your typing speed to be 75 wpm before they’ll consider you for general transcription jobs. Typing speed comes with practice. Your speed will pick up after only a couple of transcripts and will keep increasing gradually. The more you type and transcribe, the faster you’ll get.

You can use online typing tutorials if you need to gain greater typing speed and accuracy.
You can practice transcription by downloading podcasts from the public domain or recording online presentations and seminars.

To increase your typing speed and transcription income even more, use a word expander program, and use every shortcut you can. You will be able to get the transcription project faster, meet tighter deadlines, be able to take on more transcription work, get the work done in less time, and consequently make more money from general transcription work.

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