Sunday, August 20, 2017

Transcriptionists - Skills Needed to be a Good Transcriptionist

Transcription is one of the booming businesses for work-from-home moms, dads and entrepreneurs. It is one of the most in-demand work from home jobs today because of its flexible nature. 

But not everyone can be a transcriptionist. Here are some of the skills and characteristics you'll need to be a good transcripionist.

Typing Skills
Transcription rates are usually based on the length of the audio file. Clients like fixed rates because they'll know what they'll be paying regardless of how long it will take the transcriptionist to do the job. Your typing speed will affect how much you'll be able to make. The faster you are the more you can make. 

Grasp of English Language
A transcriptionist should be familiar with different accents, slang words and expressions used by their clients. For English transcription, this may include different accents within the US or other countries, depending on who their clients are.

Transcription companies or employers may require you to do a test or take an an English proficiency exam. They want to be sure that your transcripts have correct spelling and punctuation and the transcript is accurate.

Transcription can be time sensitive. It's important for a transcriptionist to stick strictly to any deadlines.

If you have the these skills, consider general and business transcription work. For more information, visit


Philip Smith said...

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nobody143 said...

True, study shows that is it expected to grow by 11% by 2018! Now I'm becoming more interested to enter this medical transcription career.

Paula Jae said...

Those whose interested to enter this career path must also have the interest with Medical Terminologies. They would most likely be dealing with that alot.

And one should definitely need to enroll himself to an institution to properly educate himself about the real responsibilities of a medical transcriptionist plus to develop the needed skills to excel in this quite competitive path.