Monday, August 7, 2017

Searching For Transcription Jobs Online

Transcription work from home is expected to continue to grow over
the next 10 years and plenty of jobs are available.

By transcribing audio recordings and converting audio files into
written documents, transcriptionists help businesses and
organizations with the efficient handling of information, files and

Transcriptionists are known by various titles, including transcribers,
audio transcribers, audio transcriptionists, MTs, LTs, GTs,
transcription services, transcription companies, word processors,
typists, data entry processors, electronic data processors, and
keypunch technicians.

When conducting searches online through search engines, you’re using
databases. Search engines search enormous databases of Web
pages using titles, keywords or text.

You can maximize the potential of search engines by learning how
they work and how to use them quickly and effectively. Check out
the advanced search options. If you’re not familiar with them, look
for tutorials on how to do internet research. Check the "Help"
function of the particular search engine you're using, since they are
all a little different.

Using targeted keywords will give you the best results for your
online searches. Using three or four carefully chosen keywords, preferably nouns, will yield better search results than using one or two keywords. For
example, if you’re looking for “transcription” or “transcribing,” you’ll
get general information. If you’re looking for general transcription
jobs, interview transcription jobs, or focus group transcription, you’ll
get more targeted results. For even more targeted results, use
“quotes” at the beginning and end of your key phrase.

I compiled a listing of keywords that were used in job descriptions. Use those
keywords when searching for the kind of transcription work you want
to do.

The variations of keywords are important. You might get different
search results when searching for “interview transcription,” “interview
transcriber,” or “interview transcript job.”

Job postings may mention specific JOB TITLES that indicate the type
of transcriptionist they need such as general transcriptionist, medical
transcriptionist, legal transcriptionist, English transcriptionist and
Spanish transcriptionist.

Or they may refer to the TYPE of transcription WORK such as general
transcription work, medical transcription work and legal transcription

The term “transcriptionist JOBS” often includes contract work,
freelance transcription, and part-time and full-time transcription work
from home. Search Google for general transcription jobs, medical
transcription jobs or legal transcription jobs, depending on the type
of transcription job you’re looking for.

Some transcription job postings mention the QUALIFICATIONS in the job
title. Examples include professional transcriber, transcriber with
financial transcription experience, transcriptionist with legal
experience, pathology medical transcriptionist, oncology
transcriptionist, English transcription, Spanish transcription, and
Italian transcription.

Some job postings are specific to the type of transcription work
they want you to do such as transcribe interviews, transcription of an
interview, transcriptions of audio interviews, transcribe MP3,
transcribe audio content, transcription of training audio, audio
transcription of training class, transcribing digital tape recordings
from meetings, transcription of market research phone interviews,
transcribe a website video, transcripts from video, transcribe radio
shows, transcription from iPhone voice memo audio files, transcribe
medical recordings, on-call transcriber needed for periodic overflow
work, and transcribe English speech files.

Internet research skills will come in very handy to research terms
you’ll encounter during transcription. Good luck in your search for
transcription jobs from home!

Find out more information about how to become a transcriptionist.


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