Monday, October 2, 2017

Things You Will Need To Know To Become A Medical Transcriptionist

Here is a small sample of things you will need to know for medical transcription:

Medical word roots, prefixes, suffixes and combining forms, the building blocks of medical terminology.

Individual body systems: Musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, genitourinary, nervous, lymphatic, integumentary, and endocrine.

Anatomy and physiology, human diseases, medical abbreviations, pharmacology, and diagnostic tests/ procedures.

Punctuation; capitalization; English grammar, transcribing numbers, figures, and abbreviations; proofreading and corrections; use of medical reference books; and ethics.

Report formats of history and physicals, consultations, operative reports, discharge summaries, and medical letters, as well as progress reports, also known as follow-up/ SOAP notes (SOAP is an acronym that stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan).

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