Thursday, September 28, 2017

4 Qualities of a Good Medical Transcriptionist

There are many qualities that a medical transcriptionist must have in order to do a good job. Here are a few of the necessary ingredients:

* A good listener

It is essential to be a good listener when working as a medical transcriptionist. Your job is to listen to recordings of the dictation of health care professionals and interpret this and transpose into text documentation.

You listening skills need to be advanced to avoid errors from: Misunderstanding accents or foreign doctors; being distracted by background noise; losing your focus and incorrectly transcribing the information.

* Detail oriented

You must have an eye for detail. It is extremely important for a medical transcriptionist (medical language specialist) to pick up any errors. The result of mistakes in this field can be death, so it is important to be accurate in your work.

* Self disciplined

This is particularly relevant for anyone choosing to take up a career in medical transcription from home. Without the self discipline to actually be there and keep working, you can so easily get caught up in distractions of other things at home.

The self discipline keeps you doing the work and meeting work deadlines.

* Great with words

You need to have strength in the English language, particularly in spelling and grammar. Once again the detail becomes important. Poor grammar can change the interpretation of a recording. There is very little room for errors in medicine.

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