Monday, June 12, 2017

The Future of Medical Transcription Jobs

Some people are concerned about future of medical transcription jobs and general transcription jobs. You should not be concerned about future transcription job opportunities.

The job prospects for transcription jobs are good. Here's what the United States Department of Labor says on their web site about the future for medical transcription jobs.

The following quote is taking from the web site of  the United States Department of Labor at

"Job opportunities will be good, especially for those who are certified. Hospitals will continue to employ a large percentage of medical transcriptionists, but job growth will be in other industries. An increasing demand for standardized records should result in rapid employment growth in physicians' offices, especially in large group practices."

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chennai doctors directory said...

Medical transcription, also known as MT, is an allied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other health care professionals, into text format.

robin said...

Medical transcription is the typing of documents from dictated recordings by health professionals.This blog have nice information about medical transcription, Get more information of medical transcription here.

Travel Vacations said...

Medical transcription has now become a preferred vocation for many because of its flexible nature. It allows an individual to work from home. The liberty to work at any given time with a deadline to meet is a major pull for somebody looking to strike a balance between two careers. According to recent surveys, there is a burgeoning trend in this field to work independently and not in an on-site facility.

This is not to say that there is a dearth of medical transcription job opportunities elsewhere. Clinics, hospitals, physicians' offices, government medical services, laboratories, transcription services agencies, universities; colleges etc. all employ medical transcription professionals. However, with an appropriately equipped home office, the job can be no less rewarding. A medical transcriptionist working from home needs a computer with modem, fax, a phone, printer, dictating equipment with headset, etc.

Generally, you need decent keyboarding skills, requiring that you are aware of all the functions a keyboard offers. Plus, spelling and grammar skills are imperative, as well as the capacity to retain to what you have learned. A procrastinator will not be successful in this vocation.
However, it should be remembered that most companies, before choosing someone to work from home, have an inclination towards hiring medical transcriptionists who have had prior in-house experience in a clinic or a hospital setting. It is not uncommon for companies to ask for applicants, with at least a year's experience in an on-site facility.

It is prudent for those wanting work as a medical transcriptionist from home to possess a strong knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pharmacology terminology, as well as competent English. Practicing with dictation tapes from health professionals and doctors can be of great help.
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antheay said...

The one thing that has occurred as a consequence of speech recognition technology improvement is that the role of some medical transcriptionists has been transformed to a reasonably large degree.According to me the scope is increasing day by day.To Find out the better future in MT field follow this link

Naeem said...

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Ayaz Ahmad said...

you have done really good work about providing job descriptions of medical transcription in USA your providing information is very useful to me really so that is why I am here to say you thank you dear because your this information built my future